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Solid Waste Tracking

Use a simple, green solution for your municipal solid waste tracking from trac EZ.

Environmentally Conscious Solid Waste Tracking

Stop all that faxing and emailing back and forth with your contractors. Save paper and time with direct, real-time communication with trac EZ. Municipalities and their contractors can access the reports they need quickly and easily, giving all parties the ability to resolve complaints and requests for services in an organized, timely, cost-saving manner.

Complete Solid Waste Tracking

Municipalities and contractors can use trac EZ. to keep track of how many waste collection carts, recycling bins, recycling carts, yard waste containers, and commercial containers have been put out and how many have been collected. Our system can also be used to easily and instantly identify missed pick-ups and log complaints by the day, week, month, or year.

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